Faculty Affinity Groups

“To Promote Diversity and Inclusion, not Exclusion.”

Here at Florida State University, we are dedicated to celebrating the varying backgrounds of our esteemed faculty. Our professors and researchers come from around the world, speak different languages, and represent a multitude of cultural traditions. Our six Faculty Affinity groups on campus are the Latin@ Faculty Advocacy and Resource Group, Black Faculty and Staff Organization, LGBTQ+ Faculty Staff Network, the Veterans, Families and Friends Group, South Asian Noles Association, and the Association of Chinese Professors at Florida State University. Each group represents faculty within FSU who share similar interests and come together to promote diversity and inclusion. Amongst a host of challenges that face collegiate faculty today, underrepresentation of minority groups poses a serious problem to the university as a whole. This is where affinity groups come into play. A small, core number of faculty spearhead each Affinity program, and mentorship plays a huge part in the bonding and strengthening of members. FSU Affinity groups also serve to highlight the achievements of their affiliated faculty. Activities of Affinity groups include lunches with the Provost, peer mentoring across departments, speakers series, networking and recruitment opportunities, and fellowship.

For faculty looking to start new Affinity groups that align with your interests and community, you may begin to ask questions such as:

What are the core values of the group?

How is the group different from other groups at the University?

What steps need to be taken to achieve the group’s mission?

What are the group’s goals?

Can an existing group accomplish these goals?

Is there sufficient interest among current faculty and staff to support the new group?

Is this a viable short-term and/or long-term organization?

Does this organization offer value to the faculty and staff?


If you have any questions about FSU’s Affinity groups, please contact:


Latin@ Faculty Advocacy and Resource Group


John Ribo


Lara Perez-Felkner


Black Faculty and Staff Network (BFSN)

Human Resources staff headshots.

Michelle Douglass


LGBTQ+ Faculty Staff Network


Karin Brewster


Association of Chinese Professors at Florida State University (ASP-FSU)


Xufeng Niu


South Asian Noles Association(SANA)

Som Chatterjee



Veterans Friends and Family Group (VF2G)

William Lamb




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