Being Award Ready


Stressed about applying for honors and awards? Overwhelmed with due dates and nominations?

The Office of Faculty and Development is dedicated to aiding the incredible faculty of Florida State University in obtaining honors and awards for their achievements. Our faculty have been recognized throughout the years for the their innovative methods, international academic influence, and commitment to leadership, both in their fields of study and in the classroom. In order to gain recognition for their hard work, we advise our faculty to follow these five steps that guide the process of obtaining honors and awards.

  1. First, we recommend to maintain your professional memberships. When supplying honors and awards, many organizations request that their nominees have met certain levels and length of membership to be eligible.
  2. In the Faculty Awards Catalog, you have the ability to sign up for the email alert button, which will notify you of due dates of the awards you apply for, even if the information is not sent to your department chair. You can never set too many reminders!
  3. Always plan to be ready for next year’s round of awards, as most notifications you receive about honors and awards will be applicable for the upcoming academic year’s cycle, not just this one! Keep a running list of awards that you are interested in, regardless of if the annual due date has passed.
  4. Think about nominating a colleague, or start a departmental awards committee. Encouraging a culture of fellowship and university support will foster a stronger community for awards and honors. The first step to securing letters is showing support for other colleagues.
  5. Finally, volunteer to serve on an awards committee. You will learn about the inner workings of the awards process and see how a winning nomination is procured.

We at the Office of Faculty and Development wish you all the best of luck with your nominations, and if you have any questions, please contact us at 850.645.8202, or visit us at 115 Westcott Building.

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-Zoe Zirlin

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